"Too many people think of Planned Parenthood as "that abortion place," which is unfortunate because of all the health care services they provide to young women who could not otherwise afford it. As a former ski bum and a dude ranch wrangler out in Montana and Oregon in my younger days, working for less than minimum wage, Planned Parenthood was always there as an affordable option for me to get regular gynecological checkups and birth control in a responsible manner. Fast forward about 20 years. Now that I have a level of financial security as a musician, Planned Parenthood is still there. A high-level businessman friend of mine was concerned because of a casual sexual encounter he had had; terrified about possible exposure to HIV, he did not want to visit his own doctor. I found him a Planned Parenthood health center in the area and said, "Go to them," because I knew they would be discreet, confidential, and caring, which they were. Planned Parenthood is about so much more than providing abortions, and in this unforeseen political environment, where Planned Parenthood is subjected to attacks from the right at every turn, I made sure to include Planned Parenthood in my estate plan so that — like me in my earlier years — young women will always have a safe place to go for all their reproductive health care needs. Planned Parenthood stands as an advocate for the disenfranchised, the voiceless, the young, and the impoverished, and I am proud to stand behind them." — A.G.